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Tess Widdifield - Illustration

Let’s build the foundation to support your non-profit's mission for years to come.

Recognizing there are many pieces which make your organization successful, my approach spans across the day–to–day operations to the strategic objectives that drive your decision making.

Tess Widdifield

I'm Tess Widdifield, a non-profit consultant in Toronto with 9+ years of experience. I focus on helping organizations address their most pressing needs, so they have the support they need for continued growth.

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From facilitation and planning to implementation, let's talk strategy.

Strategic plans aren't meant to sit on a shelf — they should guide the road ahead, and support your mission and vision.

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Org. Design

Let's dive into the systems and processes of your organization.

Pieces of an organization can often sit in silos — they should be working together to create efficiencies and drive growth.

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Get support with leading your team, so you can do what you do best.

Leading an organization can feel isolating — you should feel supported and confident as you drive your team ahead.
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